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FinanceMay 17, 2019by Peninsula TeamWhat to Know About Student Minimum Wage in Ontario


Minimum wage is the lowest hourly wage an employer can pay employees. There are several minimum wage rates, including a special student minimum wage rate. Employers are responsible for following these minimum wage requirements as outlined in the Employment Standards Act. Here’s what business owners should know about paying students.

Ontario Student Minimum Wage Rate

Student minimum wage is a rate that applies to students under the age of 18, who work 28 hours a week or less when school is in session. This rate also applies to students that work during school breaks or summer holidays. According to the Employment Standards Act (ESA), the student minimum wage in Ontario is $13.15 per hour.

Students and the Three-Hour Rule

The ESA states that employers are required to pay employees for at least three hours when they call an employee in to work, even if they do not work the full three hours. This is known as the three-hour rule. Employers should know that this rule applies to student minimum wage workers as well as general minimum wage workers.

Vacations, Public Holiday Pay, and Student Workers

In most cases, student minimum wage workers are entitled to the same vacation and public holiday pay as regular minimum wage workers. Full-time and part-time student workers are entitled to a paid day off work during the nine public stat holidays in Ontario. Student minimum wage workers also are entitled to vacation pay and vacation time.

Have Questions About Student Minimum Wage?

It can be confusing to keep track of all of the different minimum wage rates in Ontario. If you need help determining whether an employee qualifies for general or student minimum wage, or if you have any other questions, call our 24-hour helpline: 1 (888) 938-0468