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6 Reasons you Need This HR Tool Before you Recall Your Staff


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to improvise the way we live and work. Temporary measures will end with the crisis, but remote work, virtual meetings and digitization of operations is here to stay.

Our BrightHR software is an online human resource management software designed for a digital future. It offers a variety of HR tools that simplify day-to-day tasks, such as expense tracking, logging attendance, etc.

BrightHR’s new Back to Work Navigator will help you manage all your back to work processes in one place. It’ll help streamline your HR operations as you prepare to restart your business and recall your employees.

Here are six ways in which the Back to Work Navigator makes going back to work simple:  

1. It’s a crystal ball for managing staff absences 

When you access your team calendar in the Back to Work Navigator, you can view past and current staff absences in one place. It also provides a vacation summary report so that you can track employee time off. You need to be able to view this information instantly so that you can set error-free back to work schedules.

2. Create and share back to work schedules within seconds

The shift and schedule planner makes it easy to set up staggered shifts in accordance with health and safety guidelines. Once you set the schedule, the Back to Work Navigator will notify your staff through email. If they are using the BrightHR mobile app, your staff will get a notification on their phones. Your staff can also be instantly notified of any changes to the schedule. To oversee staggered shifts, you’ll also have access to our free attendance logging app called Blip.

3. COVID-19 risk assessment guidance at your fingertips

Back to work processes can be demanding, and not just in terms of human resource management. You’ll also have to put in place health and safety measures as you reopen your business during a pandemic. With our Back to Work Navigator, you’ll get detailed advice on how to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment in your workplace. You’ll also have access to downloadable free templates for your use.

4. Enjoy unlimited cloud-based storage

Document storage is never going to be a problem for you again. Nor will you be wasting time scouring filing drawers. Our unlimited cloud-based storage is the perfect place to store and secure all your HR letters, records and back to work documents. It is safe, easy to access, quick to upload and view, and so convenient.

5. Exclusive access to our content library

Our content library is like a virtual Hogwarts Room of Requirement. It has everything you need. You’ll enjoy access to posters, templates, health and safety guides, factsheets and checklists that you can download and share with your employees. You’ll also find expert guidance on health and safety management, annual leave planning, and restructuring and dismissal processes.

6. Unlimited use of our 24-hour Back to Work advice line

If you have specific challenges or questions related to your industry or business, you can call our 24-hour advice line. Our team of experts will be available round-the-clock to answer all your queries. You’ll get clear and practical advice on all back to work processes.


A virtual in-house loudspeaker (only without the noise)

Our Back to Work Navigator also has a feature where you can create company-wide notifications. This feature will help you communicate important messages to all your employees on the system. It is a fast and simple way to share information with your entire staff at once.

Do you need help managing your back to work processes?

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