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When it comes to men’s hair styling and care, there is nothing better than a tried-and-tested barbershop. With two locations in Etobicoke and Mississauga, the UPPR MGMT Barbershops have been providing top-notch hair services to clients for over a decade now.    

“We’re a barbershop that deals with men’s style, hair cuts, skin and beard care, and services around that nature,” says owner Rocco Rago. 

The UPPR MGMT Barbershops have been a Peninsula client since 2020.   

I have recommended Peninsula to other businesses, and I will continue to do so,” 

Rocco Rago


The biggest benefit of using Peninsula’s services, says Rago, has been peace of mind. As an employer working with independent contractors and employees, having professional HR support takes the guesswork out of handling compliance issues. 

“You’re handling so many situations that sometimes you don’t know whether you’re dealing with them correctly or not. When I came across Peninsula, I thought it was pretty much like having a whole HR department at my fingertips – and a lot cheaper than hiring someone and paying them 80 grand a year,” he points out. 

Rocco says HR management has become a lot simpler with Peninsula’s expert support. “I am not anywhere an expert in HR by any means, but I used to do all the stuff with the contracts or if I had to hire/fire somebody.” 

But now reliable guidance is always just a phone call away, he says. “I refer to Peninsula as my HR department when I am dealing with my staff. Whether it is a contract or carrying out a termination or handling disgruntled member of staff, I just call Peninsula’s advisors, they tell me what to do and I follow what they say step by step,” he says.  

Rocco says having Peninsula in his corner made a huge difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Peninsula helped me navigate through it all. Things were changing on a day-to-day basis and Peninsula kept us updated. In the two-and-a-half years of the pandemic, our business was closed for 16 to 18 months. Peninsula was still able to help me – over the phone and through virtual meetings. Peninsula’s experts were very accommodating. They walked me through what needed to be done – whether it was correctly laying off staff, extending layoffs, or recalling staff or the health & safety requirements for reopening. You guys knew your stuff and educated me accordingly.”  

Nizar says signing up with Peninsula has helped his business save time, money and mitigate risks. 

He admits Peninsula’s service has exceeded his expectations. “For me as a business owner, I was looking for professional HR and health & safety support so I can focus on other areas of my business. Peninsula beat my expectations. I was never expecting this level of professional and friendly service,” he says. “I can tell you every single thing Peninsula provides is vital to any small and medium business.” 

The Peninsula Service

Rocco says having Peninsula’s HR and OHS support has given him peace of mind, helped save costs and time that he uses to focus on growing his business. “It’s also the ease of access. I can call [Peninsula’s 24/7 employer adviceline] any time. And it is not like I have to be on hold or wait an hour to speak to someone. I would call and speak to an expert and you guys helped me right away,” he says. 

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