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Employment contracts in Canada

Avoid messy terminations or disputes with bulletproof employment contracts tailored for your business

What is an employment contract and why do you need one?

An employment contract sets the terms of the employment relationship between you and your staff. Employees see contracts as a way to safeguard their rights. For employers like yourself, they are tools to set expectations and protect your business.

Knowing how to properly draft an employment contract is critical. But writing them up isn’t easy. And getting any part of it wrong leaves you open to a huge list of claims from employees. This is where Peninsula can help. Our experts are here 24/7 to support you in writing bulletproof contracts and securing your business for the future.

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How work contracts protect your business

Employment contracts do a lot of the heavy lifting to protect your business. While there are countless reasons to use them, there are three reasons that every employer should keep top of mind.

  1. They ensure your employees are aware of their obligations and agree to work under the terms you set out.  
  2. They secure your business clientele and intellectual property.  
  1. Contracts are easier to prove than a verbal agreement in cases of doubt or if contested.

Peninsula’s experts can write tailored contracts so you can focus on running your business. Contracts are heavily scrutinized, and any ambiguity is interpreted in the worker’s favour. 

We offer you 24/7 support, advice, and update your contracts to ensure you are always compliant.  

Minimum requirements for a job contract

Without a contract in place, common law sets the floor for what you have to offer your staff. These rights cannot be waived by any contract. It is critical employers have tailored contracts meeting provincial standards. 

Doing so guarantees your business is compliant and your contracts are valid. 

Ensure your contract includes: 

  • Trial and notice periods. 
  • Termination clauses. 
  • Hours of work. 
  • Job responsibilities. 
  • Salary, bonus, benefits. 
  • Privacy and confidentiality policies. 
  • Layoff clauses. 
  • Termination clauses and policy.
Signing Employment Contract
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Frequently asked questions about employment contracts in Canada

What are the 3 types of employment contracts?
  • Indefinite-term.  
  • Fixed-term.  
  • Project-based. 
Can you employ someone without a job contract

Yes, you can. Your workers will still be entitled to the minimum standards set out in your province. 

Can you change or update an employment contract?

Yes, you can. Legislation, roles, and duties often change meaning you must also update your contracts.

Are contracts necessary?

Yes, they are. Employment contracts protect your business and ensure you are staying compliant. 


What provinces do you operate in?

Peninsula works with business owners in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Learn the best practices for employment contracts with our free Peninsula Employer Guide

Do you need help writing a bullet proof employment contract?

Job contracts are extremely useful tools. They not only protect your business but also minimize employment-related liabilities. However, they should be implemented with a high degree of care and should be written by a professional.  

Peninsula’s experts are here 24/7 to do just that. Our team works to understand your specific needs and tailor a contract to your industry. And not just for your full-time staff. We’ll write contracts for your part-time, seasonal, and remote workers. 

When you need to hire new staff, spend your time training them. Not on the paperwork. Let us handle that for you.

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