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01Make your daily HR management simple

Take the work out of absence & vacation management with BrightHR.

02Plan and schedule shifts with ease

Keep staff updated of all changes so they're always ready for their shifts.

03Enjoy unlimited storage for your documents

Get your time back with secure cloud-based storage for all your files and documents.

Explaining HR services

Accessible, affordable, and easy-to-navigate

BrightHR makes human resources management easy and affordable. BrightHR is a central hub where all your employee records can be filed, with unlimited document storage. It also lets you track and organize employee absences and more.

People are usually the largest cost in running a small business. And employers are in a competitive market to secure and retain top talent; meaning having employee benefits such as health insurance, education, or recognition programs.

Your staff is also your greatest asset. When managed correctly, they are the drivers helping your business grow and succeed. Providing your staff with the right tools, training, and guidance lets them do their jobs effectively.

For small businesses, the added expense of HR software can be costly; but, it’s worth it. If you want to stay ahead of the game, having HR support to better handle employee management is essential. So, why not invest in your people?

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With ever-changing employment legislation, it can be confusing as a small business owner to keep up. Peninsula makes sure you’re compliant and protected.

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BrightHR - Our smart people management software

Powerful insights for better workplaces

We make the cost of HR software minimal for small businesses. Having access to BrightHR means all of your staff’s data can be recorded, monitored, and managed in one place.  And with trend reporting, you can have intelligent insights into absence patterns and how this impacts your bottom line.

Simply put, BrightHR is HR assistance to help you build a well-managed and profitable business.

Our online tools can help your business grow through:

  • Trend reporting for strategic HR development
  • Secure storage of records
  • Legal validation, based on employee files

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