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Workplace Health & Safety

Get 24/7 health & safety support from the best in the business

Workplace Health & Safety

01Enjoy access to unlimited 24/7 health & safety advice

Get expert help whenever you need it to overcome your health & safety hurdles.

02Expert support to keep your business compliant

We make the hard task of compliance simple, manageable and affordable.

03Keep all your documentation up to date

Stay compliant by ensuring your documentation is current with legislation

Explaining HR services

Health and safety compliance audits

Employers must follow Occupational Health and Safety laws to protect their workers.

Our experts will ensure your business is meeting current legislation. We’ll assess your premises and health & safety policies. We can then craft watertight documentation to meet your needs.

Our expert advisors can even support you during workplace inspections.

You’ll have unlimited access to our 24-hour health & safety advice line.

Are you worried about possible hazards? Do you need help updating your health & safety policies?

Our expert advisors can help you solve any health & safety issue.

For added security, each compliance plan includes Peninsula Protect, our comprehensive legal assistance service.

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24/7 support to protect your staff, your business, and you

As a small business owner, it can be tough to keep up with ever-changing employment legislation. Peninsula makes sure you’re compliant and protected.

Tailored employment contracts & handbooks
24/7 advice line - 365 days a year
Legal assistance with Peninsula Protect
BrightSafe - Our smart OHS management software

COVID-19 health & safety support

Workplace health and safety are more crucial than ever as we work through the global pandemic.

You must ensure the health and safety of your remote workers. When the pandemic ends, you’ll have to make sure you are meeting new COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.  

Our experts can also offer step-by-step support to help reopen your business safely.

You’ll have access to our exclusive COVID-19 toolkit for small businesses.

We’ll provide you with the latest COVID-19 risk assessments, health & safety guides, policy templates, factsheets, and checklists. 

And given the low cost of our services, we are affordable for businesses of any size.  

COVID-19 health & safety support

Workplace health & safety services for your business

24/7 Advice

Risk Assesments

COVID-19 Toolkit

Health & Safety Software

Online OHS Audits

OHS Inspections Support

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