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Top 5 Benefits of Using Technology for Employee Management

Why use technology for HR?

When you run a small business, the most valuable commodity is often the hardest one to find: time. The question is, why spend your time on administrative work when there are smart solutions at your fingertips? Adopting technology for HR is a means to efficiently overcome administrative headaches, such as, time constraints, employee management challenges or filing obligations. Start with the basics of running a business. The greatest responsibility of a business owner is to meet the minimum employer obligations and employee rights set by the Employment Standards Act (ESA). This includes complying with the minimum standards for rates of pay, hours of work and overtime, vacations, public holidays, leaves of absence, and more. Having the right technology in place provides a more efficient, economical and simplified process to HR management.

Today’s technology gives HR professionals the ability to stay connected with employees by providing streamlined communication. Think about those tedious tasks, from scheduling to recording and managing time off requests. There are portals and platforms that digitize much of the information HR needs to process. These technologies also provide the opportunity to gain valuable insights by collecting data that’s based on real information. This is useful for recruitment and hiring, absence management, employee disciplining, shift planning, and much more. It does pay to digitize your human resource functions.

What are the top 5 benefits of using technology for employee management?

There are many reasons to invest in technology to deliver HR services. Take a look at the top five benefits of using technology for employee management. A good HR platform is…

  1. Cost-Effective: it’s an investment that reduces time and manual efforts, with the ability to perform work that’s done by a person in a matter of minutes
  2. Time-Saving: human resources management systems can help manage the time spent on routine HR tasks by streamlining administrative processes
  3. Accessible 24/7: it improves visibility and communication between employers and employees, by sharing information in one place at all times
  4. Data-Driven: it allows you to collect data, store employee records, and use analytics to hire the right talent, shape company culture, and drive better performance
  5. Secure: cloud-based technology ensures that confidential employee information is safe by integrating security and risk management
All of your people data recorded, monitored, and managed in a single place

Find an HR solution that works for you. Take BrightHR, for example, our online HR software allows you to record, monitor, and manage all your people data in one single place. It’s a central hub for employee records and unlimited document storage, all stored safely on the cloud. Imagine having technology to assist you with employee absence management, employee records, and scheduling. With Peninsula, you do. For more information, call our complimentary 24-hour advice line and one of our HR experts will be happy to help you – 1(833) 247-3651.