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Employer Advice for How to Maximize Productivity in the Workplace


Do you feel like productivity is lacking in your workplace? Productivity is key to any successful business, but it doesn’t always come easily.  As an employer, you may be wondering what you can do to boost morale and office efficiency. A few small changes may be all you need to maximize productivity in your company.

Ask for Suggestions

If you’re wondering how to improve workplace productivity, why not ask the employees? Companies that look for feedback and ideas from all places are the ones that thrive. Why not go to the employees themselves to ask what would make them more productive? They could have great ideas on how to be more efficient or on ways to improve morale. Asking for suggestions also makes employees feel heard and respected, which also does wonders for productivity.

Provide the Proper Tools

It’s unrealistic to expect employees to do their job efficiently and well if they don’t have the right tools. Make sure the workspace has the necessary equipment for people to do their jobs. Outdated or broken technology is a major hurdle these days for productivity. It can be frustrating and inefficient to work with improper tools, and not only will that slow down an employee’s work it may also make them unmotivated to do a good job.

Consider Flexible Working

The traditional nine-to-five, five days a week, work schedule hasn’t changed since the Industrial Revolution. New studies have shown that many industries could benefit from a more flexible work schedule. Allowing employees to work from home, only working four days, or allowing them to come in when they like as long as they meet a set number of hours could all improve productivity. Not all employees work the same, and employers often find that flexible working allows employees to find the most productive schedule for themselves.

Offer Support and Positive Reinforcement

There are two approaches to improving workplace productivity – the stick or the carrot. Instead of dealing out punishments and managing with fear, try positive reinforcement. Encourage, motivate and reward your employees. This gives them incentive to do a good job.  Make sure you also have support systems in place for employees that may be struggling with personal issues, mental health problems or workplace tensions. Open and honest communication is a great way to maximize productivity in the workplace.

Improve Work Culture

A happy employee is a productive employee. Workplace tensions, excessive stress, sexual harassment, and other issues can all make employees unhappy. When employees feel respected and valued, they will work better. If your workplace has an unhealthy environment take steps to improve it. A toxic workplace benefits no one. Make sure you have HR policies in place to deal with issues. Feel free to call us on our 24-hour employer advice line if you need help putting these in place.