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Minimum Wage in New Brunswick 2023: An Employer’s Reference


A provincial minimum wage is the lowest wage an employer can legally pay their employees. New Brunswick’s Labour Standards Act (LSA) outlines the rules around minimum wage entitlements.

The New Brunswick general minimum wage is increasing to $14.75 per hour from $13.75 per hour on April 1, 2023.

It is important to note that while employers are free to pay staff more than the set minimum wage in New Brunswick, they cannot reduce their hourly wage to below $14.75 per hour.

All workers paid by salary, commission and for piece work are eligible to receive at least minimum wage for every hour they work.

Does the New Brunswick minimum wage apply to all industries?

No. There are special minimum wage rates for:

  • Certain categories of employees in government construction work (road, bridge, and building construction)
  • Counsellors and program staff at residential summer camps

Do I have the right to ask my employees to work overtime?

Yes. Employers can require their staff to work overtime hours. But you must compensate employees for all overtime hours worked at the minimum overtime wage rate. You cannot bank overtime hours.

What is the minimum overtime wage rate in New Brunswick?

The minimum overtime wage rate in New Brunswick is one-and-a-half times the minimum wage. Currently, it is $20.63 per hour.

Is there a minimum reporting wage that employers must pay an employee?

Yes. If an employer asks an employee to report to work, they must pay the eligible employee the greater of:

  • three hours pay at the minimum wage or the minimum overtime rate for those three hours, or
  • the hours worked by the employee at their regular wage rate.

But if the employment comes under a collective agreement, the ESA rules about minimum reporting wage do not apply.

Are all employees eligible to receive the minimum reporting wage?

No. To be eligible to receive pay for a minimum number of hours, an employee must:

  • have reported for work as requested by the employer
  • have a regular wage rate of less than twice the minimum wage rate, and
  • be regularly employed for more than three consecutive hours in a shift.

Is an employee who works split shifts eligible for the minimum reporting wage?

If the employee’s total number of hours worked on that day are greater than three, the employee will receive their regular wage rate for the hours worked. The minimum reporting wage rule won’t apply.

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