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Top Tips to Lift Employees’ Spirits After the Holiday Season


January can be a difficult time of year for many. With the end of the holiday season, an increase in colder temperatures and illnesses on the rise, your day-to-day activities can become more challenging. Furthermore, the excitement of a new year has been replaced with the monotony of your work routine.

If you are an employer dealing with unmotivated or discouraged employees, this post explores effective ways to boost employee morale.

Top Tips for Motivating Your Staff

Recognize Employee Accomplishments

We all appreciate being recognized for our efforts. Intentionally highlighting the achievements of individuals in your organization goes a long way to encouraging employees and helping them realize the value they add to your business.

One way to recognize employees for their accomplishments is with an employee ‘Wall of Fame’. Employees can nominate each other for achieving major successes for the company.

Offer a Performance Incentive

Few things motivate employees like an incentive. Performance-based incentives are an opportunity for employees to engage in healthy competition towards a reward. These incentives are effective ways to keep workers engaged and motivated to continue producing their best work. For those companies with a tight budget, the incentive does not necessarily have to be monetary, prizes can include:

  • An extra vacation day;
  • A coupon or gift card; or
  • An additional family day

Have a Team Lunch

A meal has a special way of bringing people together and promoting conversation. As an employer, treating your team to lunch can be an effective way to boost employee spirits and increase team morale. Not only does a team lunch allow employees to enjoy a meal on the company, it gets people away from their desks and interacting as a unit. Sharing laughs with coworkers goes a long way to building a better workplace!

Still have questions on raising employee morale?

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