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Health and Safety Advice – Saving Staff From Winter Woes


As employees trickle back into the office following December festivities and vacations, it can be difficult for many to readjust. January tends to be considered the start of winter woes—understandably, considering the calm after the (fun holiday) storm. Although not as easy to spot as poor physical health, mental un-wellness can plague staff and hurt business just as significantly. Nip January blues in the bud with these helpful tips for employers.

Show your gratitude

One of many factors influencing work culture today is employee treatment. Reward solid performance year-round, of course, but dial it up after New Year’s when staff can use a bigger boost. From an operations standpoint, the timing also makes sense since you can reflect on the entire year before. Try recognizing everyone in some way—from work anniversaries to the most congenial in the office.

Motivate and celebrate

Creating a friendly competition among your employees can, in turn, create a friendly environment that helps distract from winter woes. But instead of tangible rewards for hitting targets, offer some incentives like 30-minute earlier end times for a day. These will feel more significant to employees, and simultaneously cost your company less money.

Up the fun (and health) quotient

While resolutions are fresh in people’s minds and attitudes, support the most common goal: personal and professional improvement. Professionally, clarify growth opportunities within the company and hold interviews to learn which employees want to move up. On the personal side, offer gym membership discounts or weekly in-office fitness classes, as well as healthy snacks.

Give staff an event to anticipate

Hosting a small office soiree towards the end of January—with consistent email reminders throughout the month—can excite employees. Play music, offer refreshments, have a potluck to save costs, and tell everyone to dress according to a theme. Basically, aim to keep spirits up when the winter woes are bound to set in. Take the opportunity during the party to thank all your staff again and encourage another great year of results.