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Human Resources Advice – Managing Leave Carryover in BrightHR


Allowing staff to have carryover days for their annual leave is a relatively easy perk for employers to offer. What’s more, many employees appreciate this small act of flexibility to choose taking time off beyond a one-year period. For those not using all vacation days one year, carryover means they can apply them to the following year instead. This is especially beneficial if employees want to plan a bigger trip that would be too difficult otherwise. Although some employers may deter staff from taking off too long at once, the trade-off is their consistent presence for longer.

Deciding how many days

Most noteworthy, employers can decide for themselves the maximum number of vacation days to grant their employees. Among its many uses, BrightHR organizes carryover days online in their staff members’ profiles. Employers can input the amount of time their employees can transfer to the next year, which then get added to the full count. As with all vacation entitlement, both parties can view how many days have been used as they go along.

Adjusting the software

To override the defaulted disabled option to carry over leave days, administration can make the changes manually under “Settings”. First, they just switch over to “Enable” and then officially “Update”. Next, they can access the “Absence” tab, choose “Update Carryover” and then click “Save”. They apply the additional carryover days to employees’ dashboards in the process. BrightHR offers free demonstrations to help employers improve the management and organization of their team members. Rather than attempt to keep track of everyone’s own schedules, the software makes it easy and foolproof. This applies to regular vacation, sick leave, and so forth—as well as carrying over unused days from the previous calendar year.

To allow or not allow carryover

For employers who feel uncertain about whether to support carryover days for their employees, consider a few important factors. Will a longer stretch of time off drastically disrupt your business? Will the consistent time that employees are in the office serve as an equal trade-off? Are you worried it will be stressful to manage everyone’s absences? Any concerns regarding scheduling conflicts or errors in allowing too many carryover days are resolvable with BrightHR. Implementing online HR software can make it easier to help employees while avoiding unnecessary problems for yourself. For more information, call us at: 1 (833) 247-3652.