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Choosing Talent Management Technology for Your Business

Bringing Technology to Talent Management

Talent management is an important responsibility to growing any business, whether a large corporation or small organization. However, it is often an ignored avenue for improving productivity and profitability. Have you thought of adopting a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for your business? It can streamline employee management with or without a dedicated HR department.

Choosing a Talent Management System

There are a number of HR technology suites on the market that satisfy an employers’ HR needs. When choosing a talent management system for your company, keep these questions in mind.

How will HR technology help recruit the best talent?
Having the right talent management technology allows your recruitment team to have a better experience finding and communicating with top candidates. You can improve your hiring process by seamlessly integrating a HRIS to store applicants’ information. This also makes the hiring process more convenient, attractive, and enjoyable for those applying to your company.

How will a HRIS drive higher employee performance?
A centralized HR system will help to track employees’ performance regularly – even if they repeated change positions in the company – which allows for a continual coaching-oriented model of talent management. With this approach, you are also removing the traditional annual performance review, which many businesses are moving away from.

How does a HRIS track and manage employee training and development?
The system you choose can be used to organize courses and formal training for employees, as well as less formal and more integrated employee development. This is essential for companies whose employees require certifications or licenses to legally perform their work. Finding a talent management system for this purpose will also allow you to be notified when these licences expire.

How does HR technology track compensation easily and efficiently?
Many smaller businesses still use simple spreadsheet software, such as Excel, to perform payroll duties. This is both time-consuming and subject to human error as a company expands. Using an integrated HRIS can streamline the process and save time by automating processes, such as pay raises or transferring successful applicants’ information to payroll. Looking for more employer resources? Read about the Top 5 Benefits of Using Technology for Employee Management.