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Infographic: The Essential Top 5’s About Ministry of Labour Inspections

Here’s what you need to know about Ministry of Labour inspections, in light of Bill 148

You could call this year, the year of change – at least for business owners. As of January 1, 2018, the obligations of employers have changed, as have the rights of their employees. You could say, the passing of the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act2017 under Bill 148 has disrupted many businesses. Read about the 10 Changes to the Employment Standards Act that are in effect. With Bill 148, Ontario has confirmed plans to hire up to 175 more employment standards officers to ensure that employers are compliant and to prevent potential violators. This means there will be an increase in Ministry of Labour inspections to 1 in 10 Ontario workplaces.

Have you heard of a blitz? Because ready or not, Ministry of Labour inspections are coming in full force.

To enforce the Employment Standards Act, the Ministry of Labour will continue to conduct proactive inspection blitzes. The purpose is to focus on sector-specific hazards in order to increase compliance and decrease injuries in the workplace. The likelihood of inspection is higher, for employers that have:

  1. A violation history;
  2. Vulnerable workers (new and young, temporary foreign, or in non-standard or precarious work); or
  3. Workers in a sector that is increasing in demand.

During a blitz, workplaces are inspected for employment standards and health and safety compliance.

Want to know more about Ministry of Labour inspections?

Take a look at our infographic on the Top Five Essential Facts. We pulled the top five statistics and facts about Ministry of Labour inspections for business owners to takeaway. You can also read about the inspection – what happens before, during, and after – and reference this infographic to prepare for an inspection with our five steps.