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Reducing Workplace Stress During the Holiday Season


Although the holiday season is considered “the most wonderful time of year”, it can also be stressful. At this time of year, people are juggling their regular work and life responsibilities, with the added pressure of finding the perfect gifts for loved ones, and scheduling family get-togethers. With an overly busy schedule, it is no surprise that many are on edge.

Stress not only reduces a person’s quality of life, but it can negatively impact their performance on the job as well; so how can employers help alleviate workplace stress and keep employees productive in the holiday season?

Promote exercise in the workplace

Staying active is a great way to combat stress. Exercise helps increase endorphins that produce feel-good transmitters in the brain. Even a 30-minute walk at lunch can be effective in reducing stress and improving focus at work.

It may seem counterproductive to encourage employees to participate in activities that take them away from their work; however, investing time in exercise will help employees perform their roles better.

When setting deadlines be mindful of the holidays

Employers can help reduce stress by doing trying to work around the holidays when setting deadlines. If possible, push deadlines back until after the holidays to help put employees’ minds at ease. Not only will this prevent stress, but it gives workers additional time for tasks and increases the chances of the work being performed at a high level.

Be proactive with your to-do list

Adding to flexible deadlines, is the importance of prioritization. Prioritize your tasks going into the holiday season so you have a clear idea of the most pressing things that need to be done. This helps you to stay organized throughout the holiday season ad achieve tasks based on priority.

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