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Health and Safety Advice – Sexual Harassment in the Spotlight

Sexual Harassment in the Spotlight

Allegations of sexual harassment by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has once again put the spotlight on the extent of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is regarded as unwanted conduct or behavior of a sexual nature that undermines someone’s dignity at work. Both women and men may experience sexual harassment, but women tend to be more vulnerable, because they often hold lower-status jobs compared to men. At the same time, even women in positions of authority may also experience sexual harassment.

Understanding Sexual Harassment in Ontario

In Ontario, sexual harassment in the workplace is outlined under the Human Rights Code. Employers are required to have a policies and procedures in place for dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s never acceptable to ignore complaints about sexual harassment. It can lead to low morale, poor productivity as well as expensive litigation if allowed to go unchecked. There has been a dramatic increase of cases being reported to employment lawyers since the Harvey Weinstein allegations hit the media.  There are still numerous individuals who have not brought forward their claims for fear of losing their jobs, fear of retaliation, and a general sense of fear overall. Keeping your business safe as well as your employees is a job in itself.  That’s where Peninsula comes in.  Our team of highly educated informed HR consultants can help draft effective polices and procedures which tackle sexual harassment in the workplace.

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