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Human Resources Advice – Employee Induction Best Practices


Employee inductions give employers the opportunity to make new staff feel welcomed and valued by the company. With proper exectution, inductions are:

  • An investment in employee retention;
  • An opportunity for employees to learn the company culture; and
  • A way for employers to speed up the adjustment period.

Here are best practices employers can use to create effective employee inductions.

Engage the employee early on

Business owners or managers should not wait for an employee’s first day to begin the onboarding process. Once an employee accepts a job offer, the process of welcoming them into the organization begins. A welcome email makes a great starting point, and links to company resources can be included. This enables the individual to gain background information on the company and start feeling like more of a member of the team.

Another great way to engage new employees, is a team lunch on the first day. This gives new employees and the existing team an opportunity to socialize outside of a standard work environment. Team-building activities, such as group lunches are a great way to build team comradery.

Make employee training an ongoing process instead of an individual event

When it comes to employee inductions, the saying “everything in moderation” proves to be true. Too much information can be overwhelming for a new employee and prevent them from effectively retaining information. Typically, information is better absorbed in smaller amounts, and spreading employee training over sever days–opposed to one–can allow them to more effectively digest the information.

Receive feedback on your company’s employee induction process

Firsthand feedback is an essential part of continuously improving your company’s induction process. Knowing the areas that participants found helpful, as well as the areas they think could be improved, are essential for progression.

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