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Human Resources Advice for Recruiting During COVID-19


Has your company stopped all recruiting efforts, due to the economic instability COVID-19 has produced? Or, are you taking advantage of these times to recruit with less competition?

Regardless of where your business currently stands on recruiting, this post explores how and why you should continue to invest in it.

Develop your recruitment process

When recruiting top talent, time is of the essence. Poorly managing a recruit can cause them to lose interest and seek out other opportunities. A superior candidate experience is essential to catching top talent.

Employers can enhance their candidate experience by:

  • Improving your job descriptions: When it comes to attracting top talent, a great job description is essential. The text should describe the position in a way that excites the reader about the opportunity at hand.

Also, a good job description goes beyond your needs as an employer, and states what the company and job position offers the successful candidate.

  • Finding a personality that compliments the role: Skills can be taught; a personality cannot. Throughout the recruitment process, it should be considered how the candidate’s personality would fit into the daily tasks of the role and into their team (if they are working in a team environment).
  • Being aware of your company reviews: Candidates will want to know just as much about a company, as the company wants to know about them. Ensuring your products and services are fostering favourable reviews is key in attracting top-talent.
Be Proactive with future hiring needs

With many businesses having to let employees go and others stopping hiring efforts, business owners must recognize the huge talent pool available to them.

Your business may currently be in a tough spot; however, planning for the future is key to staying ahead of the curve and achieving a competitive advantage. Start planning what are the first and most essential positions you will need filled, once business picks up again.

Getting job postings out now, allows you to get a head start in your search for talent, and begin having those early conversations.

Does your business need support through the COVID-19 pandemic?

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