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Infographic: How to Calculate Sick Pay and Understand Sick Leave


his article was originally published September 13, 2018. It has been updated as of May 2019 to reflect the latest changes to Ontario sick leave legislation.

Get the Facts Right: Sick Leave

Employees are eligible to take up to three days of unpaid sick leave. In effect, Ontario employers must provide unpaid job-protected leave, due to personal illness, injury or medical emergency. As an employer, you may choose to provide more and/or paid leave to your employees than the minimum requirements established by the Ministry of Labour. However, you cannot give less. Remember, it’s important to make sure you’re creating a fair work environment for all of your employees.

Reasons for sick leave

Generally speaking, staff can use their sick leave for pre-planned elective surgery, this doesn’t include cosmetic surgery. Sick leave can be taken even if the illness, injury or medical emergency is caused by the person involved or by any external factors beyond the employees’ control.

Want to know more about sick leave?

Take a look at our infographic below for more information about sick leave and what your employees have the right to. This is a good resource for employers to quickly reference when having to manage employees who request time off for sickness.

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