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These Are the Top Questions Canadian Small Businesses Asked in 2022


If you’re operating a small business, you’ll need to stay compliant with federal and provincial laws to remain up and running. This can seem like an impossible task, especially if you’re a new business owner.

Understanding and staying on top of such a vast array of laws can overwhelm even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. When those laws are constantly changing, it presents even more of a challenge.

We’ve rounded up the most popular questions that have been asked over the past 12 months via our brand-new artificial intelligence platform BrAinBox. If thousands of small businesses across Canada are asking these questions, then chances are you have these questions too. Our team of experts has teamed together in an exclusive 2022 compliance wrap-up webinar to answer these top questions, and we wanted to share them to help get your business compliance ready for the holidays and the new year.

The top 5 HR questions small businesses asked in 2022

  1. Do part-time workers get the same amount of vacation as full-time workers?
  2. Do I have to let employees carry over unused vacation?
  3. Can I hire a family member?
  4. Can I dismiss my employee for being late?
  5. Can I force my employees to use their vacation time over Christmas?
The top 5 health and safety questions small businesses asked in 2022

  1. Do I have to pay time off due to an employee injury?
  2. Do I have to pay for all my employees’ training?
  3. What do I do when an employee refuses unsafe work?
  4. How do I conduct a workplace violence and harassment investigation?
  5. How do I create a return-to-work program for an injured employee?
The top 5 legal questions small businesses asked in 2022

  1. Is verbal notice of termination enough?
  2. What is a termination payment?
  3. What is termination without notice?
  4. Is a settlement agreement the same as a severance package?
  5. What is a wrongful dismissal claim?
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