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Human Resources in 2020: 3 Predictions for the Upcoming Year


HR is constantly evolving to assist in business development. So, as 2019 winds down, let’s look ahead to 2020 to see what HR trends will kick off the New Year and how businesses can prepare.

“Big Data” will have a larger role in driving HR

Data helps paint a more detailed picture of a business issue. For example, a high turnover rate is a problem for an employer, but what led to that? Data helps answer more specific questions, such as:

  • Is turnover high in a specific department?
  • Is poor management or company culture impacting the turnover rate?
  • Is a lack of training causing people to fail in their roles?

More than ever before, HR departments have access to a vast amount of information (e.g., employee demographics, recruitment data and performance KPIs) to make informed business decisions. HR departments need individuals that can collect, analyze and make projections from quality data.

Outsourcing HR will continue to become the normal over an in-house HR department

Advancements in automation have paved the way for HR software that is simplifying the way businesses manage their people.

With HR software, employers gain access to an easy-to-use digital platform, providing them with greater visibility and reporting, and enabling employees to be more independent in the HR process. HR software provides employers with features, such as:

  • Checking employee attendance remotely
  • Accessing online document storage–replacing the need for physical storage
  • Reviewing employee vacation requests
  • Creating staff schedules
Remote working will become the standard

Globalization has forever changed the way we approach work. Coworkers no longer need to operate out of one central location to communicate and collaborate as a team. Furthermore, remote working enables employees to reap benefits such as a flexible work schedule, working from any location and more time with family and friends.

However, remote management is NOT something employers just implement; it takes strategy. Overseeing employees in multiple time zones, requires skill in managing from a distance and automated tools that foster seamless communication despite the physical distance.

Need help ushering in the next era of HR in your company?

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