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Human Resources Trends for the New Year Our Predictions


Human resources trends do not tend to change drastically from year to year, but rather to evolve gradually as employee needs shift with society. Mental health, fairness in the workplace, and work/life balance have been tried and true staples over the last decade. Understandably, these three areas will continue to dominate human resources departments now into 2019.

Mental health

Employee wellness in general is important but, in recent years, mental health awareness has grown significantly. Recognizing that this is a crucial and legitimate concern for many individuals has pushed for the need to improve sensitivity on the subject. Many campaigns have even made it mainstream, all with the effort of curbing both the stigma and rise in suicide rates. Granting time off for mental health is important for employers, as well. It helps encourage greater productivity and staff loyalty by allowing time off if needed.

Fairness in the workplace

Even as Bill 47 wiped out many aspects of Bill 148, equal pay for equal work remained untouched. That’s because the fairness subject among employees has been front and centre for a long time. And with the #MeToo movement, avoiding workplace harassment was not the only takeaway. Ensuring men and women are treated respectfully and equally has, perhaps, been the loudest overarching theme. The “diversity and inclusion” buzz phrase has become known as the correct way to approach employee relationships. Further, recognizing staff for their hard work can help engagement.

Work/life balance

Establishing a more flexible workplace that considers employees’ needs and strengths is another of the human resources trends not fading away. This embraces their unique abilities or potential preferences to work from home, work later in the day, or work over the weekends. They can also balance responsibilities better to their children, spouses, parents, etc. When a company allows its employees more choice and freedom, it may be pleasantly surprised to see improved work ethics in return. Most people today prioritize a work/life balance, after all, when seeking employment. Benefits like medical insurance and paid vacation are no longer enough to give businesses an edge in the war for talent.

What this means

Some HR staff have noted it is increasingly difficult to fill roles with the appropriate candidates. Although more people are applying for jobs, they may not necessarily possess the required skills. Focusing on the above elements can help attract quality hires. For more human resources trends, contact our skilled team at Peninsula.