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Human Resources Advice – Tips for Hiring in the New Year


When it comes to hiring in the workplace, January and February are some of the busiest months. In January, hiring managers will receive the hiring budget for the year and most employees are back from vacation. This also results in most of the decision-makers being in the office together, which makes reaching decisions on hiring a quicker process.

Below, are key tips that employers can utilize to attract top talent and highlight the unique aspects of their business that differentiate them from other organizations.

Optimize the candidate experience on your website

The recruitment process is about so much more than just finding the right employee; at its core recruitment is human interaction. It is important for employers to understand that the job application process reflects the company’s values and culture.

Areas of the candidate experience that job seekers typically find most frustrating are:

  • Unclear application instructions
  • Excessively long applications
  • Minimal job descriptions
  • No link to applications

Employers can improve a job candidate’s experience through responding to all candidates in a timely manner, creating a user-friendly and aesthetically appealing careers page and having clear criteria by which the employer assesses each candidate’s resume.

Create a diverse workforce

Through diversity, a company has access to a wider range of perspectives, experiences and ideas. Furthermore, a diverse workforce enables a company to better connect and relate with a wider audience, and through this gives them a greater chance of growing market share.

Studies have shown that companies with a diverse management team are more innovative and generate higher revenue.

Take advantage of social media

Social media has progressed from a trend to a societal norm, and employers should be utilizing this tool in their recruitment process. Leveraging social media enables companies to “cast their net” further and reach a much larger group of potential candidates.

On the other hand, social media also enables job seekers to better display their knowledge. For example, LinkedIn enables users to write articles so they can share their insight and perspective on any topic. This gives employers greater insight into each candidate and whether they are a good fit for the role.

Some best practices for employers with social media recruitment are:

  • Take advantage of targeted recruiting on LinkedIn
  • Encourage employees to share their personal work experiences with your business on social media
  • Highlight different aspects of your company on the appropriate social platform
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