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The Plan for Reopening Alberta: Here’s All You Need to Know


Like most Canadian provinces, Alberta is reopening its economy in three stages. Alberta is currently in Stage 2 of its reopening plan. The move from one stage to the next will depend on the province’s ability to keep the infection numbers within the capacity of its healthcare system.

The public health guidelines issued in response to the pandemic will stay in effect in all three stages of reopening Alberta.

Early measures

In the first week of May, Alberta resumed some activities before entering Stage 1. It allowed access to boat launches in select provincial parks. It also permitted vehicle access to parking lots and staging areas on public land and parks.

Golf courses reopened with restrictions. The province allowed some scheduled, non-urgent surgeries. Provided they followed set guidelines, dental and other regulated health-care workers resumed services.

Stage 1 (May 14 to June 11)

Alberta allowed some businesses to reopen provided they had prevention measures and controls in place. Due to their high COVID-19 case numbers, Calgary and Brooks fully entered stage 1 only from June 1.

The government advised Albertans to avoid non-essential travel. It also limited the number of visitors at health care facilities. Remote working was recommended where possible.

Retail businesses and barber shops reopened. Cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars reopened for dine-in service at 50% capacity. Day camps and day cares got the go-ahead with occupancy limits.

Museums, galleries, dog parks, playgrounds, places of worship could reopen as well.

Stage 2 (Began June 12)

The second stage allows more businesses and services to reopen with restrictions. It permits indoor recreation, fitness and sports, including gyms, and pools for leisure swimming to reopen. Team sports, movie theatres, community halls and libraries have resumed services as well.

Personal services and wellness services got the green light, as did instrumental concerts. K-12 schools may reopen for requested diploma exams and summer school.

The province capped the number of attendees for indoor social gatherings at a maximum of 50. The upper limit for people allowed at outdoor events and indoor audience events is 100.

If public health measures are in place, there is no limit on the number of people allowed at:

  • Restaurants, cafes, lounges and bars
  • Worship gatherings
  • Bingo halls
  • Casinos

Stage 2 also allows households to increase the number of people in their social bubble to a maximum of 15.

The restriction on non-essential travel outside the province continues to be in place. Workplaces have to follow guidelines when they reopen. Remote working is optional for most workers.

Stage 3

Alberta will move to the third stage based on the success of Stage 2. It will take the following factors into account:

  • Active cases
  • Health-care system capacity
  • Hospitalization
  • Intensive care unit (ICU) cases
  • Infection rates

The province will allow non-essential travel in Stage 3. However, it will keep social distancing and enhanced protection controls in place.

More businesses and services will reopen. Alberta will allow for larger gatherings. Arts & culture festivals, concerts and major sporting events will be allowed with restrictions.

Industry conferences and nightclubs will reopen with some restrictions.

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